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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Promotions really work! (or I'm a sucker)

Yes, yes. I've said I'm trying to not to bring any new books into the house. Then I got this email from Borders touting a special edition of eclipse and the new moon in paperback. I was intrigued. I really enjoyed twilight and to top it all off a 30 percent coupon.

This is kind of neat promotional idea. The special edition of eclipse has the first chapter of the upcoming breaking dawn, the cover doubles as a poster with the book's cover. There's also a t-shirt transfer sheet, which strikes me as a little dated. Do kids today even know what t-shirt transfers are?

Once the dust jacket is removed, there's a regular cover.

These two are going on my summer reading list, which I promise I'll be sharing soon!

The bookseller hinted that the buzz around this series is comparing it to Harry Potter. I can see how, these books could be a series that like Harry Potter both adults and the younger set (in this case, probably teenagers enjoy.)

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