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Friday, May 9, 2008

Milk, Gas ... are books next?

Prices are up all around – gas, milk and other groceries are just some things that more expensive lately.

Will books be next?

Publishers Weekly tackles this topic: “As Costs Soar, Will Prices Follow?” According to the publication, the rising price of paper and fuel are forcing publishers to consider raising prices.

“Paper companies, faced with their own increased energy costs, implemented a third price hike May 1. Unlike some other periods, when prices were rolled back, the new increases have stuck—at least for now—as the consolidation of Canadian paper mills and increased demand abroad have stressed capacity.” (Publishers Weekly)

Some publishers are considering alternatives such as using different quality paper, issuing books as trade paperbacks instead of hardcovers or changing features such as book flaps.

I can see how publishers might be in a tight spot on this. At a time when people are cutting down on discretionary spending and one in four Americans did not read a single book last year, it seems risky to hike prices. According to Publishers Weekly, Wal-Mart recently told magazines that if they want to increase prices they’ll need to submit justifying the move. The same could apply to publishers.

The Red Tape Chronicles also has an interesting article about the hidden costs of inflation. For instance, if the size/ quantity of what we purchase decreases in size but not price, isn’t that a form of inflation since your dollar is buying less.

As Costs Soar, Will Prices Follow?

Less for your money? That’s inflation, too

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