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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Book purging

I recently had a little windfall (sidenote: you really can win money taking surveys!) and decided to buy bookshelves. Real bookshelves. Not the kind with weird cardboard particle material or the kind I have to (badly) put together. Since most of my books are in boxes, I decided it was time to organize them and do my yearly weed through. Like wardrobes, I think everyone should cull through their books at least once a year. I usually discover that I managed to have two copies of at least one book. Last year it was Fast Food Nation, this year it was Great Expectations. Sadly, after mailing out several books on Paperback Swap and putting about 20 books up to swap, I ordered several books on Paperback Swap to help fill in some missing holes. I thought I'd show some of the books that will soon be nicely displayed in my BRAND NEW bookshelves!!

In the stack on the left is my entire Sookie Stackhouse collection and Jasper Fforde's two series -- Thursday Next and nursery rhymes. I also included some of my nonfiction reads including The Worst Hard Time, a riveting look at the Dustbowl era and Nickel and Dimed, A Civil Action and No Matter How Loud I Shout.

What's on your bookshelf?


bethany said...

oh, that is bookshelves...oh very cool!

Bookworm said...

I'm really excited!

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