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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Given the rising cost of paper and increased focused on green, it’s not a big surprise that some publishers are reconsidering the ways they do business - such as communicating with booksellers.

Some publishers like Harper Collins are doing away with their paper catalog. Instead, booksellers can look online to see upcoming books.

“Publishers consider dropping old standby: the paper catalog” – Associated Press.

"I think we are overdue. We produce thousands and thousands of catalogs, many of which go right into the wastebaskets," HarperCollins President Jane Friedman, who said the switch would likely begin by summer 2009, told The Associated Press. "It's such a waste of paper and so inefficient."

Some booksellers are a little resistant to the change, according to the AP. They like being able to make notes and flip through the catalog.

Publishers consider dropping old standby: the paper catalog – Associated Press;_ylt=AvtHVwsrNzV6WYtWGE15pHlREhkF

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