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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harvard Bookstore for sale

Here in Mass, we’re lucky in that we have a number of great book stores. In Cambridge, there’s the Harvard Coop and Harvard Bookstore. There are also niche bookstores such as Pandemonium Books or The Globe Corner Bookstore.

The Harvard Bookstore, which has been a landmark for years, is now for sale. Frank Kramer assumed leadership of the store when his father died in 1962. The bookstore has been around since 1932.

Boston Globe’s Off the Shelf posted a Q&A with Kramer, who helped co found Cambridge Local First – a program that encourages people to shop locally. According the Q&A, gift certificates will be honored by the new owner and Kramer expects that the frequent buyer program will continue as well. According to articles, Kramer does not want to sell his bookstore to a chain.
I found this interesting. I think it’s not just small, independent bookstores that need to be creative to draw customers.

Q: I’ve noticed that you are beginning to sell many non-book items. Why is this happening?
A: It is no secret that independent bookstores across the country are losing some of their book sales to the internet and other media. Despite this trend, people continue to need and enjoy a physical place in their communities and in travel destinations where the world of ideas and the literary mind are celebrated. Harvard Book Store has been that place for 75 years because we have sought out books and other products that our customers will buy. We will only remain profitable if we keep doing that

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