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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Feasting on Asphalt

While I may be a horrendous cook (I had pre-made mashed potatoes and broccoli for dinner last week), I find myself oddly entranced by cooking shows. One of my guilty pleasures is Iron Chef. I always enjoy Alton Brown's commentary on Iron Chef America. He's like a food savant.

Alton Brown, who’s also an avid motorcyclist, has a new book out Feasting on Asphalt: The River Run. For his research, Alton traveled along the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico to Minnesota. Feasting on Asphalt is also the name of Alton’s television series on the Food Network. The new book includes recipes from Alton's travels including one for
Kool-Aid pickles. ::shudder::,2857,FOOD_26776,00.html

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