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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Times weighs in on Film Club

I always find it interesting to read a review after I’ve finished a book. Sometimes I enjoy it even more than reading it before the book because I’m entering the book without any preconceived notions or on the lookout for some perceived flaws.

I recently finished Film Club by David Gilmour, which overall I thought was a pleasant read. The Sunday Times book review tackled it this weekend.

Overall it’s a positive review with Douglas McGrath noting: “…it’s a heartfelt portrait of how hard it is to grow up, how hard it is to watch someone grow up and how in the midst of a family’s confusion and ire, there is sometimes nothing so welcome as a movie.”

I agreed with him that the book does stumble every once in awhile. I was also curious why Gilmour didn’t demand more from his son, say that he work part-time or pay for groceries.

McGrath also had troubles with some of Gilmour’s writing: “Gilmour has a fondness for simile that sometimes exceeds his gift for it.” I didn’t notice this as much, but I think if I re-read it, some of the wording might stick out at me more.

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