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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Books on tape goes high tech

I’ve been on the hunt for audio books lately. I have several long car rides this summer and there’s only so much music you can listen to during an eight hour car ride.

Here’s the thing: Books on CD are expensive and they’re also pricy on iTunes. So they’re usually something I don’t want to buy.

Audiobooks are also a rare time that I don’t always go to the library. I feel like it’s usually difficult to find what I want and it involves too much browsing in hopes of finding something worthwhile. My library has some sort of program where you can download books for free, but they’re not compatible with iPod.

I’m picky about some things … I wanted an audio book that I can put on my iPod or burn on a compact disc. I thought that if I had books on my iPod it might actually get me out walking. (We shall see…)

eMusic to the rescue.

The service also has audiobooks. For about $10 per month, I get two credits. I downloaded Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea. I can burn it on a CD or put it on a MP3 player. I burned several chapters on CD, so I could give my iPod a break when I went away this past weekend.

Are You There Vodka? Is currently selling for $18.95 on iTunes. So I feel like I’m already ahead money-wise.

I was also impressed with Border’s audiobook selection – they have great prices and a variety of options. I just downloaded Into The Wild for free and uploaded it on my iPod.

There’s something relaxing about listening to a book while driving.

Happy listening!

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Anonymous said...

You're right aboutthe need and cost of audio books and that's why I'm always trying to find free book including audio. That's one reason why I'l be talking about emusic as one of my recommended sites. It's a bit misleading as you know that they do lots of books as well and even better, the free introduction offer can be a book as well as music.
If you've got time to do a bit of downloading and converting there are loads of free books both print and audio available and that's what I like to talk about on my site at

I really do feel there's a demand for free legal books - all the best

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