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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Geek Gear

A friend recently surprised me with this really cool gift (to celebrate my…shhh… birthday). It’s an iPod ca se that looks like a cheesy 1970s sci-fi book – Scavengers in Space. “Intriguing and fast paced declares the American Library Association.

The pictures wouldn’t come out but when you open it (it can open like a book), there’s like a library flap with a card that says property of with due dates.)

This gift is layers of cool people: It’s a neat iPod cover, it ’s also a groovy book knick knack. And, apparently there was really such a book. Scavengers in Space was written by Alan Nourse and came out in 1958.

According to Wikipedia, Nourse wrote science fiction to help finance his schooling. He also wrote a novel titled Blade Runner, but while the movie is called Blade Runner the movie’s plot and characters came from Philip Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

And I’ve learned something new!

Back when I used to go to tag sales and the local thrift store more often, I used to keep an eye out for campy books like The Plants. Ohh, killer plants. So I get a kick out of it for the reason too.

Many many layers of coolness!

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