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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jennifer Haigh @ the Waltham Public Library

I had the pleasure of hearing Jennifer Haigh speak on Tuesday night. Haigh, a Mass resident, wrote Baker Towers and Mrs. Kimble. She was joined by Jon Papernick.

If you haven’t read Jennifer Haigh, run, I say run to the library/bookstore, etc. Baker Towers is told from the perspective of different members of the Novak family, who live in a coal town. In Mrs. Kimble, we see the fall out from Ken Kimble, who seems to blithely lie to and discard his wives.

Haigh has a new book coming out. The Condition revolves around a family whose daughter has Turner syndrome.

Some interesting factoids: Haigh writes her novels at her kitchen table using white legal pads. She said she felt that her writing was more thoughtful and the process more deliberate when she writes longhand versus typing it.

I hadn’t heard of Jon Papernick, who’s a fellow Waltham resident. He read from his new book Who By Fire, Who By Blood. In Who By Fire, Who By Blood, a son sifts through his father’s books and discovers various passages underlined. He becomes drawn into a possible terrorist plot. Papernick’s book is only available on Amazon Canada and through his Web site.

All in all an enjoyable evening and it was completely free!

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